Why Tolkien’s Wizards Work More than Magic

An organizational board on which I serve faced the pressing need to stretch already-thin resources of money, personnel, time, and energy. We needed to produce a plan to course correct, and I was tasked with leading the way. (I know, lucky me. Right?!) Ours was a desperate situation, and honestly, I felt overwhelmed.

In what seemed like the eleventh hour, an idea dropped on the table. Eureka! That sudden spark of an idea led to others sharing their bright ideas. A strategy started shaping up beautifully. The concepts gelled. Our fresh-thinking, future-oriented proposal eventually met with resounding favor and hearty acceptance.

I found myself asking, “From whence came that sudden stroke of insight, such a seriously helpful concept?” 

You know what I’m talking about if you are an artist who’s ever felt stuck. The clay just won’t move. The picture will not emerge on the canvas. The words fail to flow. Yes, you know creator’s block. Then suddenly, you find your missing inspiration. And voila! The piece emerges, magnificent! After the fact, you say, “From where in the world did that come?”

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