Essay – June 2020 Theme: Discover Hope!

June’s theme is: Discover Hope!

In anticipation of our June content, the essay question is:

In your estimation, what scene in The Lord of the Rings supplies the most stunning shift from dark despair to amazing hope? Share your own quick, brief retelling to set the stage and “take us there.” Identify two or three stand-out observations in the scene. Finish by sharing how the scene inspires your own fresh hope during difficult days.

We look forward to reading and sharing your essays with the Eucatastrophe fellowship!

Please respond in 500 words or less by June 5.

June Essay: Discover Hope!

With my submission, I agree that if my essay is selected, I will allow my work to be edited if/as needed and published by the Eucatastrophe team at their discretion. I also agree to not hold Eucatastrophe liable/responsible for any slanderous feedback, critical repercussions, or injury of any kind. I offer my writing willingly, free of charge, out of pure joy as a Tolkien-like sub-creator.

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