Call for entries – July 2020

July’s theme is: Appreciating Beauty & Wonder

In anticipation of our July content, the essay question is:

In your estimation, what scene, dialog between characters, or some other special event in Tolkien’s Legendarium impresses you as most wonderfully beautiful? What happened? How does this happening in Middle-earth inspire you toward appreciation of beauty and wonder in Present-earth?

We look forward to reading and sharing your essays with the Eucatastrophe fellowship!

Please respond in 500 words or less by July 5.

July Essay: Appreciating Beauty & Wonder

With my submission, I agree that if my essay is selected, I will allow my work to be edited if/as needed and published by the Eucatastrophe team at their discretion. I also agree to not hold Eucatastrophe liable/responsible for any slanderous feedback, critical repercussions, or injury of any kind. I offer my writing willingly, free of charge, out of pure joy as a Tolkien-like sub-creator.

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