Join us November 9, 10 in Greenville, SC for the first annual Celebrate Tolkien event. as we recreate Middle-earth just for you!

Scholars from all over the globe will enrich your knowledge of Tolkien.
Gorgeous music will make your spirit soar; food and ale will make your spirit merry.
Watch as art is created and Middle Earth is recreated.

All in one of the most desirable small-town locations in America (Greenville, SC).

One of the many ways you can experience the wonder of Tolkien’s Legendarium by immersing yourself in the Middle-earth music of Eurielle as she performs LIVE at Celebrate Tolkien.

“Today I have seen an angel, I am sure of it.”
“Hauntingly beautiful vocals.”

Join us! You’ll have a front row seat. We only have room for about 180 people, so this will be a close-up experience with the best Tolkien-inspired music in the world.