Visiting My Hero

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There is no place like the Shire, and there never shall be. The Shire is a small place which mostly goes unnoticed on the big map of Middle-earth. It is in reality a very great breath of fresh air. It has hills, gardens, farms, and river.

That is not the entire reason this place is so special. In the center is a place called Hobbiton. Within Hobbiton is Bag End, the heart of Hobbiton.

At Bag End is the house of the Ring-bearer, my favorite hobbit, Frodo Baggins. If it would not have been for Frodo, there would not have been a quest. And there would not have been peace in Middle-earth. Frodo was courageous, smart, and innocent. He was brave, yet kind-hearted. Frodo is a hero I look up to.

Saba Zamindar

Saba is a creative young adult from India and a big Tolkien fan. She holds a BSC in Textiles and Apparel Designing.

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