The Professor’s Descent

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Frodo’s descent into the fallen lands of Mordor evokes a sense of Dante’s infernal descent.

He is weary from following a wizened guide on an epic journey, rife with fear, suffering, monstrosities, and an ever-increasing gloom. Frodo’s dangerous odyssey has crossed paths with a plethora of interesting and powerful people, ultimately bringing him upon fiery shores. There, hope is lost and all will fail, yet this is the place he finds redemption, salvation, and victory. Frodo might be forever changed to his core for the harrowing adventure, but he will nonetheless rise anew to an otherworldly kingdom. He will finally rest upon a more-peaceful distant shore.

The physical and psychological milestones encountered by Frodo and Dante are wonderfully colorful, alarming, and gratifying.

Rex Young

Just a fan.

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