My Day in the Shire

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As I wake, the sun rays shine upon me. Inside my little hobbit hole, I open the windows and smell my flowers that I have grown so tediously. I prepare breakfast. Poached eggs on toast, perfectly timed to perfection. Soon after, I take a walk around the Shire, keeping my pleasantries short and kind. The summer sun reflects beautifully upon the Shire. Grass is ever green with hobbits busy tidying their gardens.

Ah, at last the Green Dragon. It is my watering hole and the place where many hobbits spend our afternoons. “One pint please,” I say with gusto. I sit drinking my cold pint and smoking my pipe, thinking about the wonders of Middle-earth. A few hours later, drunk and happy, I make my way back home. The sky is blue and the wind crisp. For dinner, I’ll have shepherd’s pie. Potatoes from my garden will do nicely. I tuck into my pie and look out my window as the sun sets on another day in the Shire. What a day it was!

Mark Yacoub

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