Review by Jim Wert
DragonCon High Fantasy
Tolkien Enthusiast

Still pondering my reflections on the Tolkien movie.

My bottom line is this is a worthy effort worth any Tolkien fan investing in a ticket to go see. Yes, it’s fictionalized, yes there are portrayals which will bother some of us more inclined toward historical accuracy, yes there are structural issues with the film that will risk pulling a new- or non-Tolkien fan out of the thread and momentum of the film. But there are beautiful moments and themes, and it’s wonderful to see this part of Tolkien’s life — one that many have very little exposure to — portrayed with loving respect on the big screen. And while I don’t agree with all of his choices, the director, Dome Karukoski, is a clear and well-studied fan. It’s his labor of love, even if all don’t love that labor. Respect.

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