We follow a lot of you on social media.
And we see what you are capable of.

For example, we see:

  • Amazing Lord of the Rings cosplay
  • Beautiful Middle Earth art
  • Stunning Tolkien-themed photography . . .

It’s impressive. And we want to help YOU be seen.

So here’s what we’re doing about it.

Post your best work to Instagram (tag @jrrtolkien #eucatastrophecontest to be entered) and we’ll repost our 3 favorites.

The most liked / commented photo (within 48 hours from our post) wins:

  • Prestigious posting of your work to all our networks (200k+ followers)
  • Posting of your bio to all our followers (let the world hear about you!)
  • Free lifetime membership to Eucatastrophe.com


Step One : POST

Post your Tolkien-Themed entry to Instagram. Enter as many photos as you’d like.

Step TWO : TAG

Tag @jrrtolkien #eucatastrophecontest to be entered. (You can sign up for priority notifications).

Step Three : WAIT

We will announce the 3 winners (judged by Eucatastrophe).

Step Four : WIN!

If selected, get your friends to like or comment on your entry in 48 hours!

The most liked photo wins:

• Your winning photo will be posted to all our networks (over 200,ooo followers)
• We will post your bio to all our followers. Let the world know who you are!
• You’ll receive a lifetime membership to Eucatastrophe.com

tips to Improve your chance of winning

• Post something amazing! Grab people’s vote with your amazing entry!
• Sign up for priority notifications
Enable post notifications for @jrrtolkien

Ready to Enter?

Just go post and tag on Instagram (sorry, Facebook, this is IG only). Remember, tag @jrrtolkien and #eucatastrophecontest to be entered!

There’s nothing else to do. Just post, tag and hope you are selected! Once you are selected, get those likes and comments pouring in to your entry. Questions? Sign up below for detailed instructions in your inbox.

OPTIONAL: If you’d like to keep up to date on the contest and be alerted when we choose winners, please sign up below.
You’ll be the first to know: we will send an email out before we open voting!

First winner!

Our first contest is complete. Of the three finalists, we had a big winner with this unique fiber art from @homeandhoopco

#eucatastrophecontest on Instagram