Life, Death & Back Again

September 2018 Digital Bundle

This bundle takes an unashamed look into the religious / redemptive themes of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work. Including:

  • Article: Life, Death & Back Again
  • Brand New imagery from Fell & Fair
  • Archived Article: Seer: A Tribute to the Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Audio recording of a talk by Joseph Pearce
  • Recipe – The Return of the King Cake (fit for a king)
  • Bonus Article: Glory and Majesty – Zan Campbell

Articles / Hands on

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Life, Death & Back Again

A deep look into the overt religious themes of Tolkien’s work.

Seer: A Tribute to the Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien

by Joseph Pearce

It might be stretching things a little to describe the author of The Lord of the Rings as a wizard. He is, however, a Seer.

Return of the King Cake

Incredible (and colorful) cake Recipe by Emily Wert

Imagery from Fell & Fair

This month, we’re including a four photo series from @fellandfair including the images from the bonus article for September.

Click the button below to download the series and the images from the bonus article this month.

Just look at the details in these photos! Amazing!

The Pre-Christian Context of The Lord of the Rings

by Joseph Pearce | 2017 Celebrate Tolkien Conference

Bonus Article

This month, hear from Zan Campbell of Eucatastrophe / Fell & Fair discuss the impact of Tolkien’s writings on his life.


Like the other items this month, use password CgcTn2xnM7zV75DS to access this exciting article.