Dragons, Eucatastrophe and Heroic Love.

October 2018 Digital Bundle

This bundle includes:

  • Article: BEWARE the Most Dreadful Danger of Tolkien Dragons!
  • Brand New imagery from Fell & Fair
  • Archived Article: Monday Motivation
  • Audio recording of a talk by Lisa Coutras (Tolkien Conference – 2017)
  • Recipes – Farmer Maggot’s Mushrooms AND Bilbo’s Birthday Cake
  • BONUS:  9 beloved Tolkien Quotes!


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BEWARE the Most Dreadful Danger of Tolkien Dragons!

Humans display an historic fascination with dragons…

Monday Motivation

I am not uproariously excited about going back to work most Mondays, and I know I am not alone…

An original three-month recipe series starts now!

Collect all three months for a full Middle Earth meal! This month enjoy the first two recipes in this series.

Farmer Maggot’s Mushrooms

Marinated Mushrooms with Honey and Sage

Recipe by Emily Wert

Bilbo’s Birthday Cake

Eleventy-first birthday cake (better buy candles)

Recipe by Emily Wert

You’ve got an appetizer and dessert. Check back next month for the next recipes in this series! By December, you’ll have a full Middle Earth meal plan!

Still some go wandering, sons of forgotten kings walking in loneliness, guarding from evil things folk that are heedless.

This month, we’re including a new quotation photo from @fellandfair.

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Beren, Lúthien, and Heroic Love

by Lisa Coutras | 2017 Celebrate Tolkien Conference