Go OR Stay?

Go OR Stay?

Three Courageous Tolkien Concepts

Too often, I can be a play-it-safe kind of person.

Good doors swing open. “Should I walk through?”

Roads diverge. “Which one shall I choose?” (Often, standing still and making no decision just feels easier.)

That unique invitation arrives. “Should I accept it?”

Go boldly, or play it safe? Move out in courageous perseverance or stay frozen in fear? Puzzling, pivotal moments of decision

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A Fragrantly Recurring Tolkien Smoke-Ring

John Elton Pletcher loves storytelling, all-things-Tolkien, and literary analysis (with a special eye for everyday applicability). Speaker, author, pastor, and curator of @GandalfTheGuide, John lives in Lancaster, PA with his wonderful wife, Nancy, and three high-energy, creative sons. Though they never met, I am quite confident that J.R.R. Tolkien would have loved my grandfather, Everett…

A Most Curious Tolkien Word—for your Week-after-Easter Motivation

“Tolkien viewed this wonderful concept as operative for our history, not just Middle-earth.” Like most inhabitants of Present-earth, you are probably not uproariously excited about going back to work after the holiday weekend. You might take heart as you move into your post-Easter workweek by pondering one rather quirky word, unique to Tolkien’s lexicon. Before we consider…