SLAYING MONSTERS: Tolkien’s ‘Beowulf.’ Tolkien & Beowulf both orphans.

“Like Beowulf, Tolkien was an orphan. (He was taken in by his grandparents.) He grew up in the West Midlands, and said that the ‘Beowulf’ poet, too, was probably from there. He did not have difficulty living in a world of images and symbols. (He was a Catholic from childhood.) He liked golden treasure and coiled dragons. Perhaps, in the dark of night, he already knew what would happen: that he would never publish his beautiful ‘Beowulf,’ and that his intimacy with the poem, more beautiful, would remain between him and the poet—a secret love.”

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Oxford’s Influential Inklings

About the profound influence Oxford’s Inklings had on the course of imaginative literature, Philip Zaleski and Carol Zaleski write: “By the time the last Inkling passed away, on the eve of the 21st century, the group had altered, in large or small measure, the course of imaginative literature (fantasy, allegory, mythopoeic tales)…”

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Book Worth A Look: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chronicles: Art & Design

Working closely with the film’s production staff, the award-winning team at WETA brings together more than 240 pages of spectacular four-color visuals, including hundreds of images of concept artwork, photographs, development paintings, and more created by the artists and designers working behind the scenes. Movie photography and finished imagery accompany the sketches and drawings, showing how the artists’ vision was realized from design to final product.

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